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When you hear Joslyn, you hear songs set deep in rhythm, a city vibe, a voice that makes the hair on your neck stand on end, and real soul. 

Joslyn’s debut album in 2005 with producers Craig Poole and Rob Wannamker was released with great reception. The sound is something that transcended all she had done before. They tapped into a real nostalgia with brilliant songs rooted in the healthiest soil of R&B. Joslyn’s music selections have a nice range from soulful to funky with some pop crossover appeal.

She has performed a number of hit tracks for DJ artist Kaskade, including the dance floor smashes "It's You, It's Me", "Sweet Love" and “In This Life” to name a few. Joslyn's lifelong dreams of bringing her brand of soul music to the culture are sure to be realized. 

This is the new style, and the girl you won't forget.

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